Resources and content of special interest to members of the press Content especially for public policy officials Resources and information for school administrators Content and resources designed to help teachers prevent problems Contents and features of special interest to parents
The Riggory Ridge Group is dedicated to identifying evidence-based programs, procedures, and practices that are effective in preventing learning and behavior problems in educational settings. The group seeks to provide resources that educators can use to address behavior problems experienced by preschoolers, children, and youth and their families. To aid in this effort, the group develops products appropriate for the various constituencies, including not just parents, teachers, and school administrators, but also for people concerned with developing educational policies and for the general public. These resources include
  • Fact sheets addressing common questions about behavior problems;
  • Links to other sources of evidence-based, effective practices and procedures;
  • Summaries of research about evidence-based practices; and
  • Contact information for experts familiar with evidence-based effective practices.


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